The first treatment devices then called i.patchs were invented 10 years ago.

It is the quintessence of the medical knowledge and the big know-how in physiological micro-currents of low frequency of the designers – doctors and engineers – of i. Management Group. From the start, a challenging and responsible philosophy animates this ambitious project: to heal and beautify differently without chemical added substances while respecting the safety of the consumer and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

In order to make available this high level of technology, the inventors managed to simplify the use of i.patchs to the extreme by fixing sophisticated programs of micro-currents in the memory of these devices weighing only a few grams and by automating their operation.

The challenge was to make it easy and intuitive to use: simply press on a button, relax and let the automatic programs start a soft and comfortable treatment up to a complete stop.

Thanks to the finesse of the microelectrophysiological stimuli, a real thorough work of detoxification, repair and tissular reconstruction is set up.

i. Management innovates at several levels among which the anti-ageing treatment of the face, the Group’s flagship method.

Moreover, the miniaturization of the SKEENPATCH offers users the permanent availability of devices and the respect for nature because of the small quantity of raw materials necessary for the manufacturing and waste released for use.

Finally, SKEENPATCH are medical devices whose manufacturing quality and medical standards are monitored rigorously and clinically proven Anti-Aging Treatment (face and body) as Well Being Care (pain, muscle spasm, stress or smoking).

Innovating constantly, I.MANAGEMENT succeeded to develop a complete range of SKEENPATCH targeting areas as diverse as aesthetics and well-being.

This dynamism gives it a unique place in France and internationally. Protected by international patents and presented in every corner of the world, the SKEENPATCH always evokes the enthusiasm of the visitors; they are exported increasingly to the great delight of the men and women who use the products.

Hoping we bring to your life more happiness,

The team of i. Management.