The new SKEEN PATCH Elegance, the anti-pasty look par excellence.

Thanks to the unique expertise of our Anti-ageing device SKEEN PATCH, our new SKEEN PATCH Elegance is made with a new Program of Micro-current “Face Vitality” designed to wake the freshness and sublimate the complexion in only 18 minutes.

and radiates your face

Don’t wait. Fatigue, worries, stress, party, it ruins your face and if you find yourself looking like death warmed up, it’s the moment to give a little uplift to your bio-rhythm!

You are ringed, the pores of your skin are dilated,
You find yourself having a sad face and your skin is not breathing the beauty it should?

Offer yourselves a glowing completion care and be at the top of your beauty. With Skeen Patch Elegance, you will obtain the results of a beauty mask and a lifting with no additional product, naturally.

By taking care of your face early, you will look radiant for years to come without worrying about your age.

The cells regeneration
The long term benefits

Pollution, sun,cold, acne, there is so many factors which assault your skin. Skeen Patch Elegance revitalizes the cells activity of your face, by repairing constantly your in-depth tissues and allowing you to cultivate your youth capital for years to go.

And for the sun’s lovers, Skeen Patch is the perfect ally. Every cure strengthens the immune systems of your skin against the attacks of UV. Watch out, do not exempt from sun protection during the exposure.

La peau est visiblement plus lisse, les pores plus resserrés, le teint radieux. A vous le maquillage léger et la BABY-SKIN au naturel !

The skin is visibly smoother, the pores narrower, the complexion radiant. Now you’re free to wear very light make-up and enjoy a beautiful natural BABY-SKIN!

And men?
Of course, men too!

Over time, the skin of men becomes “crocodile”, the complexion becomes dull, they get dug or swell forming ungraceful pockets under the eyes.

Look after yourselves gentlemen, women are always sensitive to that. A healthier, softer, fresher skin, a dynamic and in great shape face!

Skeenpatch will reduce your dark eye circles, will make your look better and will tone up your skin, while turning back the effects of your very active life and you’ll age beautifully.

You are in your 40…
SKEEN PATCH revives and tone up

To keep a fresh complexion and delay the effects of age, Skeen Patch Elegance is the perfect solution for people always in a hurry who wish to reboost the cellular activity of their face and erase the day-to-day fatigue marks.

Vous êtes active, ou actif, et vous souhaitez voir disparaître ces cernes qui vous donnent un air fatigué, redynamiser votre peau naturellement et durablement.

You are an active person and you wish to see disappearing these little rings who give you a tired look, to rerevitalize your skin naturally and durably.

Votre peau se relâche, vous vous découvrez quelques pattes d’oies,
vous vous trouvez un visage fatigué, votre sex-appeal est en manque de tonus ?

Your skin begin to be slacking, you discover some crow’s feet,
You’re thinking your look a tired face, your sex appeal is lacking in energy?

Give yourselves a rejuvenating program and reboost the growth of your cells to reduce the effects of the age smoothly and healthily.

Skeen Patch revive the skin activity and makes you more beautiful, why would you deprive yourself of it!

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SKEEN PATCH Elegance works the same except its very specific 18 minutes program.

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Journalists, models, actors are jobs where they must be always seen at their best. SKEEN PATCH brings a natural and immediate solution to refresh and maintain their face

SKEEN PATCH can be brought anywhere and reboost in  30 minutes before a shooting, a show, a broadcast.


You will immediately notice smaller pores, as well as smoother and brighter skin.


No visible age marks and wrinkles under the eyes. No matter how tired you are, your eyes will illuminate.


No more unsightly wrinkles, your lips will be generous and smooth, the lip border will be redrawn.


The lines ascend. The cheekbones are redrawn, the cheeks are less puffy and skin sagging is reversed.


It tones up & have more aligned to the eyelids, restoring your freshest look. Crows' feet fade away.


It removes fine wrinkles around lips, you will find a younger and more toned mouth.


The face becomes clear and tightens. The skin stops sagging and repairs itself progressively.


It reduces nasolabial folds, jowls and double-chin. A direct solution in the heart of the problem!


Say goodbye to pimples, redness of skin, rosacea and small varicose veins. Gradually, you will have a healthier and balanced skin.

Every face reacts differently. The effectiveness of Skeenpatch has been proven.
Rest and a well-balanced lifestyle allow for more effective results.
Skeen Patch is conformed to the CE Medical and has obtained the authorization for the French and European issued by the ANSM
(National Agency of Medicine Security and Health products)

Skeen Patch should not be used if you have a pacemaker or by pregnant women.

Ask your medical advisor if you are in the following cases:
heart diseases, epilepsy.