SKEEN PATCH Wellness – Body Heath & tonus


  Compound of 1 devices + 4 wired self-adhesive electrodes + 2 cables for electrodes + 2 piles AAA + 1 user instructions about the detailled treatments : headaches, incontinence, back pain and fatigue, heavy legs…



This Skeen Patch Well-Being box is for all comfort treatments of your body: relaxing the back deeply like a massage, headaches, insomnias, relief and muscular strengthening, bruises, heavy legs, poor circulation, incontinence and urinary leaks, sunburns, sunspots …

A small device you can take everywhere with you, a solution to a lots of physiological inconveniences in your everyday life at hand: accelerator of healing, boost, repair.

SKEEN PATCH Well-being is the natural reflexe to take care of you!

Ready-for-use delivered with 1 device SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps, accessories and a guide of the cures.

Proved treatment nominated at the Galien Awards of Medicine 2017

Additional Information
Weight 750 g