SKEEN PATCH IU – Urinary Incontinence solution


Compound of 1 devices + 4 wired self-adhesive electrodes + 2 cables for electrodes + 2 piles AAA + 1 user instructions about the detailled treatment of urinary incontinence


NEW !!! First exclusive solution to treat urinary incontinence.

Box set ready to use with 1 device SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps, accessories and the complete how-to for this treatment.

SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps awakes and re-educate simply, discreetly and in depth the sphincters and the nervous system which command the bladder. This one reinstall its tonicity and performance back and the urinary leaks disappear gradually.

Modern treatment, not binding, simple, not invasive and very effective.

This is a proved treatment nominated at the Galien Prize of Medicine 2017


Additional Information
Weight 750 g