Box ready for use containing 2 devices of treatment SKEENPATCH, a set of 8 electrodes for face global care and 6 electrodes for the specific treatment of the cheeks and eyes contour, 2 piles 3V CR2032, a detailed note of use.


Skeen Patch is a protocol MCAA Micro-current Anti Aging system intended to stimulate the cellular regeneration of the skin, and to fight the signs of aging skin (wrinkles, spots, slacking, loss of volume, firmness) and skin defects (rosacea, dull skin, imperfections).

Skeen Patch is consists of 2 generators of MCAA of the latest generation, miniaturized battery powered, clipped onto a self-adhesive electrode. Applied to the face, Skeen Patch delivers the famous soft anti-ageing biostimulation program which penetrates deep into the heart of the cells of the dermis, stimulating the natural production of collagen, elastin, and boosting the cellular regeneration and blood microcirculation.

Quickly, this action leads to a volumizing effect and natural tension of the face that is gaining in luminosity, firmness and density. Skeen Patch does not need any active cosmetics, only it’s famous MCAA action.

Immediate Face-lift effect from the very first sessions:
– Visible reduction of wrinkles

– Sharp and illuminated skin

– Toned, plumped skin

– Face shape rediscovered

– Global anti-ageing action

– Natural filling of supporting tissues: anti-hollow cheek

– Disappearance of the dark eye rings and eyebags

– Reduction of wrinkles

– Redrawn jawlines

Additional Information
Weight 600.00 g