SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps – Complete Body Care

 1 680.00

Compound of 2 devices + 4 indented self-adhesive patches + 8 wired self-adhesive electrodes + 4 cables for electrodes + 4 piles AAA + 1 user instructions


1st program of complete rejuvenation of the body, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is equipped with the Micro-current regenerative MCR in-depth active to wake intensely the cellular regeneration and help in the lipolyse: anti-ageing, anti-cellulite effect, anti-water retention to redraw the silhouette and embellish the skin.

The MCR of Skeen Patch is ALSO ACTIVE on pathologies in dermatology and functional reeducation; delay of healing, fatigue, sleeping disorders, local pains or neuropathic, venous insufficiency, urinary incontinence and functional colonopaty, …

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is the invaluable ally who accompanies you in your everyday life to warn and delay the signs of the age, which maintains you young and healthy for a long time.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is a medical device.


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Weight 750 g