Bioactivated Silicium Oral Solution 500ml


One of the main roles of this element is to participate in the synthesis and in architecture of the collagen and the elastin. Over the course of time, it is evident that the body becomes depleted of silicium.

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Powerful antioxidant: new molecule made up of groups of electrons, allowing neutralizing of free radicals

Exclusive bio-activated solution: optimal stability for perfect assimilation by the body.

Promotes the acid-base balance: the solution provides the necessary elements to optimize the PH of the medium and thus protect the cells from free radicals.

To restructure, repair and strengthen collagen, elastin, the moisture level of the skin, hair, nails, arteries and joints.

500 ml bottle with measuring cup for 1 month of treatment.

– If you are less than 50 years old, drink on an empty stomach in the morning 1 measuring cup.

– If you are 50 years old and aove, take 3 measuring cups in the morning on an empty stomach for one week, then 1 measuring cup daily after.

For greater efficiency, we advise combining SKEEN PATCH with a cure of Organic Silicon activated oral solution to obtain a synergistic and comprehensive action on the entire body.

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Weight 650.0 g