A real demand for natural results

In 2012, the demands for less aggressive and safer beauty care have risen to more than 30 %. The movement began in the United States and permanently settled in France and in Europe.

Skin and personalities friendlier techniques were developed that led to the birth of the Soft Aesthetic.

In 2013, to reduce or to remove only the wrinkles was not enough. Aesthetic medicine prides itself of having new improved natural techniques for the quality of the skin (luminosity, toning, grain fineness). The objective is to substantially rebuild the density of the subcutaneous tissue (fibroblasts, elastin and collagen fibers) by ensuring the filling of hollow spaces and maintaining the natural oval-shape of the face.

Thus was born the Bio-Aesthetics that reshapes the contours and acts gently on the natural plastic.

The Micro-current is used for more than 10 years in the medical field.
While noticing unexpected and wonderful effects on the aesthetics, we were interested to
develop specific beauty care and anti-ageing products.


The MCAA or the Micro-Current Anti-Ageing is a new Bio-aesthetic method that revolutionizes on one hand everything about anti-ageing products, and on the other hand, an extensive considerable line of body cares which we explore till this day.

Discovered by two co-Nobel Prize winners of medicine in 1991, the MC is used from the 1995s to treat the bone fractures, wound healing, and pain… In the 2000s, French doctors and French engineers associated their know-how in electroneurophysiology and micro-current to develop this MCAA program.

Numerous clinical studies and tests in French laboratories have enabled to prove its efficiency and safety. The MCAA was developed in France and is protected by several international patents.

The MCAA was officially recognized as one of the “medical proved Bio-aesthetics techniques” by the European Congress of Dermatology in Prague in September, 2012.

i.Management France

i.MANAGEMENT France is a french company which has contributed to the development of the MCAA as part of research and medical research.

We invented the SKEEN PATCH SERIES II with “MCAA inside” for aesthetics and spas professionals, and the general public. From now on, everybody can take advantage of benefactions of the MCAA without the intervention of a specialist and in complete safety.

SKEEN PATCH is conformed to the CE Medical and has obtained the authorization for the French and European market issued by the ANSM (National Agency of medicine security and health products)

SKEEN PATCH can be used by beauticians in beauty salons.

Initially reserved for the doctors, then for Beauty and Wellness professionals, the new concept « SKEEN PATCH series 2 with MCAA inside » is now within the reach of thousands of customers and people who can indulge their own sessions of beauty treatments at home.

Innovation Prize 2013

Without doubt the smallest anti-ageing medical device in the world, but its performance is among the largest. SKEEN PATCH is an electronic patch weighing less than 20g including the Anti-Aging Micro-Current. MCAA is capable of regenerating the subcutaneous tissue and returning to the skin its true brightness, smoothness and tone.

The effectiveness is there, SKEEN PATCH ended up winning the H. Pierantoni Innovation Award!


In fact, under the effect of the micro-current of SKEEN PATCH, the stimulated cell produces up to 500 % of ATP which is the essential cellular energy for its growth. Cell division is favored, new cells are formed, leading to cellular regeneration.

There is an active synthesis of the New Collagen fibres and Elastin, and a repair of the dividing process of these fibres. Cellular metabolism is normalized and revived: the skin regains its health.