Coronavirus Covid-19, protective masks: the first physical barrier against droplets of viruses

The wearing of protective masks is just as ESSENTIAL for everyone, confirmed patients of Covid-19 as healthy carriers. both are vectors of high contagiousness. The peculiarity of the new Covid-19, in comparison to the Sras 2003 virus or the Mers virus, is its very large contagion ; it is contagious from the start of symptoms and we know it now, even in the absence of symptoms

That is, Covid-19 can be transmitted before the first symptoms appear, and asymptomatic people can also transmit the disease. The virus is spread by droplets emitted during conversation, coughing or sneezing; these can be emitted up to 1 meter or 2 meter from the affected person and they remain suspended in the air.

Surgical masks are an effective physical barrier to stop droplets emitted or suspended. This is the of protection.

Faced with the shortage of surgical masks, let’s make it ourselves, very easily thanks to many tutorials on the internet