Coronavirus Covid-19 How can we indirectly participate in national efforts to stem the COVID 19 epidemic?

The fight against the COVID 19 epidemic is total

Simply follow the instructions for confinement, hand washing and wearing a mask when coughing

And above all, by staying in good health to increase the capacity of the immune defense so as not to get sick and thus, to avoid the congestion of hospitals already on the verge of suffocation by the increasing number of sick people, and especially from the exhaustion of medical staff and carers

In good health, you are thus relieving the heroic work of caregivers who are on the front line fighting the virus.

It would take collective efforts to overcome this deadly epidemic

It’s your second line fight that honors you

SKEEN PATCH РCellular Regeneration Technology Рboosts your production of ATP, cellular bioelectricity, will help you maintain and consolidate your health and your immune defense against the new coronavirus during confinement.

Pain, stress, insomnia, … are not as harmless as that. Prolonged, they could cause general fatigue which lowers your ability to defend yourself against infectious diseases.



Use containment to take care of yourself with SKEEN PATCH

The 15-day confinement had just been extended until April 15, 2020.

Since March 17, millions of French people have been confined to their homes while all healthcare workers work overtime to deal with the Coronavirus and save lives. An unprecedented situation that upsets our daily lives and causes its share of worry, frustration and stress.

Without forgetting to say a big thank you to our everyday heroes who fight to save lives, and to all those who continue to work in difficult conditions so that we can continue to live.

Taking advantage of this compulsory time of forced rest to take care of yourself, boost your defense and immune system and keep a good general condition is the best way to protect yourself as well as possible from the new Coronavirus.

When your body is doing well, it defends itself better

We are no longer unaware of how much the programmed regenerative Microcurrent of SKEEN PATCH does us good and deeply improves our general condition.

By accelerating the regeneration of cells, SKEEN PATCH allows better repair, a strengthening of the body and an immediate relief of symptoms. Outstanding health partner against heavy legs, chronic back and joint pain, stress, insomnia and to relieve urinary leakage. The always effective treatment is simple to do.

  1. Stress weakens our immune system

Locked up at home, sometimes partially unemployed, sometimes telecommuting work with young children, seeing their daily life upset, many people can develop stresses and manifest emotional disturbances.

 When you are anxious, irritated, you are tense and tired. Therefore, this state of psychological tension distorts our analysis of the situation around us and disturbs the decision balance: we act badly at the same time as our organs could function badly. Thus, our defense capacity lets us down, to which are added other symptoms such as digestive and skin disorders. Our defense against viral attacks could decrease and expose us to viral diseases.

A SKEEN PATCH Body cure and you are relaxed, positive and revived !

  1. Heavy, swollen legs, calf cramps

Poorly supported, poor venous circulation would cause swollen and heavy legs and ankles. Chronic, it could also be accompanied by a difficult return of the lymph; wounds and varicose ulcers, which are always difficult to heal, complicate the care, which often lasts several months before the first results.

The SKEEN PATCH treatment program is always beneficial for quality venous and lymphatic return. It also effectively drains waste products and toxins stagnating in the leg, a source of pain and difficult walking.

A SKEEN PATCH Body treatment cure will make your legs toned and light. And this, very quickly, in less than a week.

  1. Chronic pain in the neck, back, lumbago, sciatica, is often accompanied by chronic functional problems related to back muscle contracture.

The richness of the symptoms can confuse the diagnosis: dizziness, visual disturbance, balance disturbance, ringing in the ears, tightness of the breath, bloating of the belly, intestinal functional disorders.

The controlling spinal nerves could be irritated and compressed by the contracture of the paravertebral muscles. And the corresponding downstream organs are not functioning properly.

A few SKEEN PATCH Body sessions will lift the contracture of the paravertebral muscles; you will be much more flexible and the functional disorders will gradually disappear.

  1. Relieve or prevent stress urinary leakage, flagship treatment of the SKEEN PATCH Body Regenerative Microcurrent

With age or lack of exercise, the spinal nerve control of the bladder may not be on top. It is therefore difficult to control urine emissions, which leads to involuntary losses of urine during physical exertion (coughing, sneezing, etc.) which will worsen. Urinary incontinence affects nearly 5 million people in France, it affects our quality of life, it is debilitating, even disabling, with serious repercussions on social and intimate life. However treatment with SKEEN PATCH is possible, simple to do at home and always effective.

By micro stimulating the nerves of the lumbosacral region, the exclusive SKEEN PATCH program strengthens the neuro-muscular control of the bladder, improving and restoring its proper functioning.

  1. And of course pamper your morale with a cure of SKEEN PATCH facial treatment to keep Good looks and Beautiful skin, it’s unprecedented

With a healthy lifestyle and you now are rekindled!

Take care of yourself and see you soon !

Medical department