It doesn’t matter how much you weight …

Whether you do a 36 or a 46, even more, you share a common problem: cellulite and sagging tissue that deforms your figure.

Magazines wanted you to believe that beauty was relative to weight. Absolutely not!

Some prefer filiform silhouettes, others voluptuous shapes and all the infinite variations that make you unique. There is not one beauty canon but several: stop torturing yourself by setting goals that don’t match your morphology. Instead, target cures on critical areas and reshape your body: sculpt your beauty!

Weight matters little, all women can be beautiful, all men can be attractive.The first good reflex, obviously, is to have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, it’s not a scoop.

If you are in overweight and have trouble moving, or if you are thin but your buttocks are floppy or your belly overflows on your slim jeans … you may have complex but most importantly, you are not in a very good health.

Scandal magazines feast from closeups of imperfections of this or that stars, it is well known, to make you stop feeling guilty: “look, nobody is perfect”. But we, from a medical point of view, what we see is that even celebrities supposed to have better incomes and interest to take care of their physical appearance are in a terrible state of health and it’s beginning younger and younger.

In Drop Dead Diva , a series in which a young model suddenly awakens in the body of a brilliant lawyer 3 times her body size, we finally overcome prejudices and show that what matters is in your head. It’s just a question of wanting it! Men are generally attracted to women refined, feminine , who radiate and are particularly sensitive to the appearance of the skin, women look a lot more if men breathe health and are often repelled by crocodile, dry, dull or flaccid skin.

Yes, you can assume your curves or your physical peculiarities whatever they are. Instead, you may learn to listen to what your body tells you about your health and the signals it sends around you.


We will no longer be manipulated by these narrow glances who would like a world where men and women would all be according to the canon of beauty of the moment. Everyone can embrace his morphology and be desirable, well in his body and in his difference.

So if weight is not determinant of the charm, what makes us less attractive than others?

When you’re not well in your skin, in bad health, when bad fat and distended skin deform your natural body curves, you have to have a hell of a personality to be appealing.

Our health, our hygiene, a neat body and a beautiful skin, it’s obvious and you feel it internally. Now try to look with a fresh eye at the people you find attractive around you.

To be desirable is inseparable from our well-being.

What makes us beautiful…

There is of course the haircut, the hairstyle, to be able to put us in value with the good outfits, to have some gestures, to know our charm, tricks, our assets and how to play with our flaws .. all of that can be learned, you can work on it. But you”ll notice that there is a very simple thing, before everything, that jumps out at us. We can find someone attractive while he is ruffled, badly dressed and even goofy … so what is it?

It’s obvious. It’s so natural and instinctive that we often miss it.

The No.1 determining of your beauty is to have a beautiful skin, a fresh complexion, well-defined shapes, beautifully curved body, to breathe health and tonus.

Take any slender man or woman, imagine them with a tired look, a flaccid body, wrinkled, adipose and irregular skin, warped, with spots, stretched marks … no so attractive, is it?

Beauty is not related to weight but more to the skin quality and the body shapes.

Cellulite affects everyone today. We eat more and more prepared meals and sweet nibbles, salty or fatty, with a rhythm of life that does not always allow us to do as much sport is required by the body to eliminate or even new fats introduced by the industry very difficult to dislodge.

Slim bodies present, unfortunately more and more young, the defects of loose skin and cellulite. For those who do yo-yo, drastically deprive themselves and tend to water retention, it’s exactly the same fight.

The irony is that it’s the magazines themselves that end up showing it to us. Not in what they say but just when you look at the pictures before-after the models are retouched.

The first thing that retouchers do is to smooth, systematically, they erase cellulite and skin folds!

Thus the divine Ashley Graham who makes the front page of the magazines appears deliciously appetizing with her smooth curve, perfect curved shapes, without cellulite and her skin texture that seems so silky.

This illusion is like a dream: we can see that it’s all of what’s needed to give you this sublime glamor, this ravishing silhouette! You realize now this beautiful plastic is generally “rigged” but .. that doesn’t mean it’s not possible!

Having a body like these retouched models is now possible without surgery !! Yes, Yes !

The body doesn’t return to its natural functions quickly after years of sloppiness or deep installed cellulite … exhausted and demotivated, you’ve thrown in the towel: this damn cellulite sticks to your skin .. you feel damned despite your efforts.

The progressive dysfunction of our body at the dermis level requires a local treatment for visible results … The slimming creams, hydromassage and palper-rouler technique, subdermal tissue massage devices can attack locally the problem but they don’t repair the dermis .. this damned cellulite returns in a loop!

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is the first device on the market which is able to eradicate fat dimplessmooth and lifter naturally and durably the skin : get rid of orange peel and water retention, find back a smooth skin, toned and stretched, perfect your curves and become at the image of these retouched goddesses, oh yes!

Of course, for an optimal result, it will be necessary to accompany your cure with a good hygiene of life, it influences our weight, our blood circulation and even our good humor.

Skeen Patch is not a thinning device, Skeen Patch acts quickly on the dermis and repairs in depth.

It is THE ideal companion for your figure: it smoothes, curves, tightens the skin, melts cellulite and reactivates blood circulation in a natural way by boosting your body without disorienting it. In contrast to slimming products that very often subtitute to your biochemistry or provide third party activators, with Skeen Patch, your body relearn, re-energizes and this process is beneficial in the long term.

The micro-current of Skeen Patch BodyCorps regenerates your cells: your body repairs itself.

Skeen Patch process is natural, our body already generates micro-current, so it’s bio-mimicry. It works without added cream even if you can quite combine your usual care products. This device comes from the medical field where it has been used for over 15 years and it has been miniaturized to offer its immense potential for health and soft-aesthetics to the general public.

Its program with RMC, regenerative micro-current , diffuses on the surface and in depth benefits far beyond mere aesthetics. Indeed, the RMC deals with complex issues such as facial and radial paralysis.Our ongoing research has led to unprecedented treatment for urinary incontinence (or urinary leaks), a “taboo” problem you may be familiar with if you are overweight.

We discover more and more in-depth benefits on the proper functioning of our organs through the regeneration of cells with the regenerative micro-current.

French patent, winner in soft-aesthetic innovation in 2013 and today selected for the ​​Galien Price 2017, one of the highest recognition in medical innovation, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is undoubtedly, thanks to its multitude of positive effects on the body:

the most extraordinary alternative to all existing aesthetic procedures that can lift and tighten the dermis.

Do not be fooled by its medical look, this is not a marketing product. Skeen Patch BodyCorps is a jewel of technology, the result of many years of research and post-operative applications in hospitals that allowed us to discover all its aesthetic potential as the icing on the cake.

This is not new, little by little, we are well informed our body is a jewel of biology that needs only to be understood and taken care of.

The micro-current RMC regenerates the cells , basis of all good functioning of our organism. As a regular treatment, Skeen Patch BodyCorps allows you to find and maintain a toned and healthy bodyDo not let these problems become worse over time and turn into a handicap.

The benefits are many. We see them everyday as doctors using Skeen Patch BodyCorps on patients at emergency state.


En cure journalière de 30 min à 60 minutes, vous posez les patchs sur la zone ciblée selon les schémas et les programmes indiqués sur le mode d’emploi. Les positions et le sens des électrodes sont importants : le micro-courant suit un chemin très précis afin de diffuser ses bienfaits.

In a daily treatment of 30 min to 60 minutes, you apply the patches on the targeted area according to the schemes and programs indicated on the user instructions. The positions and the direction of the electrodes are important: the micro-current follows a very precise way in order to diffuse its best benefits.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps  is sensational. Its program will boost and revive your body from the first session, even if it is not visible immediately, you will feel it gradually: less fatigue, more energy and a skin texture visibly more beautiful quickly. In two weeks, most cases already show a refinement and curvature.

Grâce à la stimulation de Skeen Patch, votre organisme créera 500x plus d’ADP que la caféine, jusqu’ici star des principes minceurs. Si vous commencez par une cure sur les jambes, vous constaterez des résultats visibles dès la première semaine.

Thanks to the stimulation of Skeen Patch, your body will create 500x more ADP than caffeine, so far star of slimming principles. If you start with a cure on the legs, you will see visible results from the first week.

How about the sensation?

Instinctively, some people have an a priori on the electric current. We think wrongly that it is not natural but we operate on electricity! Yes, we do!

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is neither painful nor unpleasant, it’s tiny electrical impulses. The RMC (regenerative micro-current) which is diffused is about less than 500 micro-amperes. The program undulates deeply with subtle variations of rhythm that stimulate the body.

At first, it surprises a bit but very quickly, we love it! It's a real caress on the body, a massage.

Why choose Skeen Patch BodyCorps

There are different types of cellulite : fat, fibrous (hard, compact, painful, resistant) and oedematous (associated with water retention) and different stages of severity (of that which is only visible when you pinch to the one who remains permanently).

Cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue. It has 3 main causes: fat saturation of cells, water retention (water cellulite), fibrosis (fibrous cellulite). The last one is the hardest to dislodge.

The main function of Skeen Patch devices is to regenerate and lift the skin, to shape it, to tighten it, to melt the surface fat that stifles the venous system, to eliminate imperfections, to smooth and to revitalize the tissues.

The dermis in full health, finding its tonicity and its good irrigation, will embellish visibly the silhouette.

So far, draining creams and anti-cellulite fight especially fat cellulite, without much effectiveness on fibrous cellulite, when the fat cells carapace, the most recalcitrant of all. 

In soft-aesthetics, ultrasound and lypolise – which would cost you at least 2000 €, acting only on cellulite fat and much less spectacularly on other types of cellulite – are in the line of sight of the ANSES (National food safety agency, environment and labor) because not monitored enough and we don’t know yet their long-term effects. These techniques are also strongly discouraged on sensitive skin (burnings after treatment) and radically contraindicated for people with eczema.

Many have made the step towards invasive techniques of local injections like mesotherapy or laser (now banned in Europe) liposuction or cryolipolysis cold laser where cases of necrosis are reported. When you know that the new kitchen is cooking with hight cold temperatures, we have reasons to worry!

In short, it’s still the good old traditional massage or hydromassage that work the best and most harmlessly.

The fat cells are recalcitrant, you should attack them in ways that don’t hurt you or you won’t be surprised by the boomerang effect on other levels of your health.

You have every reason to prefer Skeen Patch BodyCorps to any invasive solutions.

Skeen Patch technology is safe and has no side effects, proven in medical care & hospitals for over 15 years. This is, we repeat, without additives or nanotechnology, you don’t risk any bad surprise with time. Skeen Patch BodyCorps repairs tissue, retenders, sanitizes, beautifies your skin and goes to strengthen the organs, it’s a care and not a shock for your body.

If you’re up for a diet, it’s because you think it’s better for you

Take example of the excellent actor Jonah Hills: who doesn’t like Johan Hills? Is he sexier with a few more pounds, less? There is no doubt that his personality and his silhouette were assets in his meteoric rise and he didn’t “need” to do it.

They only highlights the superficial aspect of his sensational transformation in the tabloids, yet, losing weight, Jonah Hills has gone from a clinically critical stage of obesity to a more correct weight stage for his size by following 3 times a week a vegan diet and lots of sport. From a certain weight, whether he chooses to slim down even more was just a personal challenge.

If you are decided today like him to start such a transformation, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is a great companion for your diets. When losing weight, the skin relaxes and folds form. The regenerative micro-current will allow you to tighten your body throughout this process and help your tissues to lift while melting superficial fat locally.

Si vous souhaitez vraiment renforcer son efficacité et accélérer la fonte de la vilaine cellulite fibreuse, vous pourriez accompagner votre cure de quelques bons reflexes comme :

If you really want to increase Skeen Patch’s effectiveness and speed up the melting of this ugly fibrous cellulite, you could accompany your cure with some good reflexes such as:

  • avoid eating processed foods, they contain high levels of saturated fat. Wake up the cook in you and make yourself your jars and frozen food to save time if you have a very active life.
  • give in to trendy soups and healthy smoothies, it’s delicious and it’s very easy with a multifunctional heating blender, no excuse! You’ll also find some on many fashionable restaurants menu. To melt fats, choose apple, grapefruit, lemon, green vegetables rich in fiber and berries.
  • find as mentioned above a physical activity that you like to move and activate your blood circulation: dancing is a very natural one.
  • faites-vous des petites mixtures maisons d’huiles minceur 100% bio à appliquer après votre séance Skeen Patch. Vous trouverez des recettes ici.
  • prepare you small homemade mixtures of 100% organic slimming oils to apply after your Skeen Patch session. You will find recipes here.
  • if you go for a diet, don’t worry, combine spirulina, an extremely rich appetite suppressant and super-aliment that will give your body all the micronutrients it needs to avoid deficiency giving you tonus on the way. Either you mix it in your smoothies or to take in pill (Solgar, very reliable) and psyllium (always Solgar, not in powder it is awful to swallow). Psyllium cuts hunger and regulates transit, it’s not ingested by your body at all.
The dream body, the good health, the tone, it's now up to you!

The zero complex bonus!

A brief history of beauty canons

In Europe, from ancient Greece (500 – 300 BC) through the Italian Renaissance (1400-1700) and Victorian England (1837-1901) until 1900, voluptuous women were the favorites.

It’s only during the Roaring Twenties (1920-1929) that slim, androgynous tomboy, became a plebiscite, but it was then the reflection of a will of protest, of feminine independence: a form of refusal of the established order and to be, for the woman, more considered for her mind than for her sensuality. A “statement” that will be diverted into complex, selling point of diets and body care.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Hollywood to its golden age (1930-1950) embodies the feminine glamor and desirable, a form of instinctive nostalgia for men about women with generous silhouettes, fabulous breasts and hips well pronounced that make them dream and who embody the Dolce Vita.

It’s only between the 60s and 90s that the extreme thinness of commercial marketing pervaded magazines, from the filiform Twiggy to the athletics Cindy Crawford, Kim Basinger and Naomi Campbell. The fashion world, which has become extremely strict on its standards, is starting to slash when Laeticia Casta and Kate Moss, much smaller than the norm, prove to be a phenomenal success.

Creators like Thierry Muggler who will be the first to show 50 years old models or the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier who chooses to scroll through unusual profiles, tattooed, speckled and strange, announce the beginnings of a mentalities revolution.

Starting 2000s, the celebrities of the world of music are definitely breaking the standard models of fashion, and against the tides of magazines, they are essential.

The scandals of extreme skinniness create a new protest movement from women: “I am as I am and I please”. These new beauties shake by their indisputable sex appeal: from Beyonce to JLo, from Kim Kardashian to Mariah Carrey, from Dita Von Teese to Queen Latifah, from Jazmine Sulliva , from Nicki Minaj to Beth Ditto … we assume our generous buttocks and curves!

Not think twice, the marketing feels that the wind turns and the advertising campaign Dove definitely sounds like the end of standards. Mixity has entered the sacrosanct world of beauty canons! Nature takes back its rights! And the Plus Size Top Models that even in your wildest dreams you would never have imagined now crack magazines with glamor and pride nothing less than in lingeries and swimsuits! Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Jennie Runk, Johanna Dray, Christina Renn ,Christina Schmidt , Tess Holliday … Wow!

Since 2012, Pulp Fashion WeekPlus Size fashion shows, the rise of Plus Size brands & e-shop and feminine movie stars like Rebel Wilson prove that women have finally conquered their right to a panache of mixed beauties.