Say goodbye to heavy legs, swollen legs, poor circulatory system and bruises!

 Skeen Patch BodyCorps is your legs new friend!

Skeen Patch BodyCorps does wonders on the legs. Happy users have noticed this.The micro-current acts quickly on this zone and the lifting effect is quickly amazing. You know already its cellulite fight actions and its notoriety to perfect the curves, a silky skin in full health. But what is the “under skin” effect then?

If you are subject to blood circulatory problems , you regularly do a headstand or pacing to soothe your heavy legs, after a flight you have painful and swollen legs , you wear stockings in the summer by 35 ° to hide your marbled legs or you don’t dare to wear small skirts because varicose veins have taken you by storm, then its beneficial effects will interest you a lot!

I take care of my heavy legs

Heavy legs is not nothing. Your body manifests a problem of stagnation of the venous circulation, or venous insufficiency. If you don’t act, this can reach lymph circulation and turn into venous-lymphatic insufficiency. And for example, if you often fly for work or for your escapades, it can quickly become a martyrdom!

Easy to spot, the symptoms are clearly felt: cramps, tingling. If you don’t care, eventually it will progress into swelling, edema and varicose veins. One doesn’t realize it when it is benign but it can become rather naughty by worsening with spider webs of rosaceous veins to violet or black or large veins blistering the surface or doubling of the volume of the leg, and that’s only for the aesthetic aspect. Pain, swelling and important health complications are in perspective. The veins don’t laugh!

If you are subject to heavy legs, it’s easy to detect: the unpleasant sensations you feel are called ” impatiences “. These range from tingling to numbness, from tingling to burning to a more throbbing feeling of pain in the legs. In everyday life, it tires you up, it irritates you and it causes stress.

Unless it is hereditary, the cause comes from a too sedentary life or prolonged immobilization and the only immediate way for you is to walk to calm them, make the headstand or jump in place to impulse the blood to circulate.

But it doesn’t solve the problem! You must act. Whatever the cause – heredity, pregnancy, lack of physical activity, sitting posture H24, trampling or prolonged and repeated standing, exposure to high heat, overweight or obesity – the consequence is always the same and the treatment must be done as soon as possible, it will not treat itself, it will get worse with age.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps proves valuable on this type of problems. The micro-current impulses favor the dynamism of the venous return.

If you already have varicose veins or edema, first Skeen Patch will help speed up tissue repair, melt surface fats that can smother your superficial vessels and restart your venous irrigation. As the cure advances, it strengthens and tones the wall of the veins, so it favors the venous return, while firming the legs and refining them.

When applied on a varicose vein or edema, always place the patches around the area 1 to 2 cm apart and not over. If you are completely covered, ask for your doctor’s advice and start the cure at the lowest level.

It is strongly advised in parallel to practice a physical activity that allows you to walk or move your legs to participate in this imperative venous return.

It’s good, it’s summer! Oooh the beautiful pedalo! I don’t joke, you must find something you like: go regularly to the swimming pool to swim, pedal, walk, take a dance class!

Even at home, if you are not sporty or you don’t have the time, you can just put on music and dance, or do some step with a walking step or in your stairs front and backward.

At first, you will linger on your foot but after a few sessions and thanks to the cellular and blood reactivation of your Skeen Patch BodyCorps , your body will be more dynamic.

It is a virtuous circle. The more you move, the lighter you feel. As your Skeen Patch cures, your legs will be toned, less fragile, but also more contoured, softer and even more hydrated.

Some ideas if you have trouble motivating yourself:

  • There are fitness dvds all levels and all genres and very nice youtube channels. We love Tone it Up, they are Californian, seaside atmosphere, and it makes us a vacation with a little sound of waves quite delicious! in English.
  • Steel the wii U of your child or grand-child (or Xbox one, PS4) and test the games for wiimote , kinect or more modern solution an augmented reality helmet type VR, you will move while having fun! It is a great success even for the elderly : there are sports coaching, sports, dance, yoga, fighting games, but also leisure games that make you move without feeling Sports such as bowling.
  • If you’re on the waterfront this summer or year-round, go for a walk in the mid-calf and mid-thigh, it’s great for you.

It is not new, little by little, we are well seasoned that our body is a jewel of biology that it is really important to understand and to take care of it.

The microcurrent MCAA regenerates cells, the basis of all functioning of our body. In a regular cure, Skeen Patch BodyCorps allows you to firm up, rebuild a toned and healthy body. Do not let these ailments get worse in time and become a handicap.

There are many benefits. We see them every day in the medical field using Skeen Patch BodyCorps on patients in a state of emergency.

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Discomfort after a flight, bye bye!

Aaah the 50’s! Lounge spaces, comfort even in second class! When we were not compressed like sardines on planes …

Now, if you don’t travel in first class, it’s very difficult to place your legs comfortably for those who suffer from heavy legs.

By air, decreasing the oxygen pressure associated with dry air can increase the risk. As a preventive measure, it is advisable not to cross the legs, to wear loose clothing, to drink regularly water, and to avoid drinking alcohol that dilates the veins and decreases venous return.

You can do your sessions of Skeen Patch BodyCorps before the flight, during or after the flight for 30 minutes,  you will attack your arrival in good conditions. You can also enjoy it during your stopover if you have time to spend on a deckchair between 2 flights.

For any journey of more than 7 hours without interruption, by plane, train or car, it is recommended not to remain stationary during the entire journey. Walk, stretch yourself, massage yourself at least ten minutes an hour. You can also perform regular bending and extension movements every hour to improve venous return to the legs.

Trips longer than 12 hours in particular increase the risk of phlebitis : Class 3 restraints are generally recommended, a fortiori if you have a history of phlebitis or varicose veins. Of course your Skeen Patch is a life savior in that case.

Compression stockings can be painful

Compression stockings can be very unpleasant when you have strong legs. Thanks to Skeen Patch BodyCorps , you will feel less and less the need.

After a few weeks of use, you can do without it. As a precautionary principle, stay progressive if you are wearing compression stockings III, move slowly to high compression socks, you will find pretty enough into sports/hiking rays.

After a few months of Skeen Patch BodyCorps treatment, your doctor will confirm the results of a good venous return, you will be free of these damned stockings!

Bruises at the slightest shock, stop!

You never leave without your tube of arnica? It is a classic of of poor circulation problems and fragility of the vessels. If you have hematomas all the time, this is not a good sign. Avoid aspirin which is vasodilator. Your bruises are not a fatality (except chronic venous disease). Strengthen your body and reactivate your venous system: you will not mark as easily.

A bad fall? A big summer bruise is difficult to hide and it ‘s a blot on the landscape …

Don’t panic, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is an expert in the matter. In a few sessions, you will be like new!

To remove a bruise and accelerate the healing, you should place the electrodes around, at a distance of 1 to 2 cm, and not on the blue.

You already have varicose veins

When you do your Skeen Patch BodyCorps cure, you work on the cells and the field is conducive to repair but when the varicose is important, it is advisable to also focus on the causes of the venous problem.

If you have mainly varicose veins and rosacea, it is in your interest to combine your cure with a treatment that strengthens your vascular system, such as locally, you can pass Hamamelis water compresses or coat you with Calophyll Inophyle, more commonly called oil of Tamanu with a few drops of essential oil of Cypress of Provence (unless you are under anti-coagulant treatment).

On the surface, the grain of skin becomes smoother, well shaped and your blood vessels less apparent. The blood circulates better and the work of Skeen Patch can extend more deeply.

Add in all your summer salads some garlic, cayenne pepper, parsley and apple vinegar, all very good circulatory enhancers.

Varicose veins sometimes appear during pregnancy. You can start your Skeen Patch BodyCorps post-natal treatment. When you are pregnant, seek the advice of your doctor. Skeen Patch BodyCorps is an excellent companion after birth as much for varicose veins as to recover the elasticity and tighten the skin.

Big heat, your legs swell like a Michelin man?

In hot weather, whether it’s temporary by summer, traveling or residing in an area that borders on the temperature of the oven, be prepared if your legs swell. Skeen Patch BodyCorps accompanies you everywhere, where finding a doctor, cold water or reliable medication can become a nightmare.

Swollen feet and heavy legs are the result of water retention in the lower limbs. We talk about edema. The sign of edema which does not fail is that of the “bucket”: when one presses on the leg, the imprint of our finger remains a few seconds. The water is insufficiently reabsorbed by the vessels.

Rest assured, this is not a severe edema, but it poisons life because it’s chronic.

In addition to your cure, make an “anti-water retention” diet:

  • Less salt, use microfiltered seawater to salve your dishes like a delicious onion soup, very good to fight against water retention, and marine olive oil, avoid waters with sodium
  • Less sweet sugars: sugar, sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolates, honey, jams, sodas
  • More protein: white meats and fish, as well as vegetable proteins such as soya, quinoa, etc. A whole list here.
  • The grapefruit is excellent on an empty stomach in the morning or before dinner.
  • Green tea or infusions of goldenrod, dandelion, red vine, orthosiphon (java tea) or piloselle, are diuretics, a “must” for you.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps alone or in conjunction with this optimizing diet will act as an energetic massage, will drain the fluids of your body and drive away the water trapped in your tissues.

To deflate and proceed with the venous return, do 1 session of 30mn of Skeen Patch BodyCorps per day for 2 weeks and 1 session a week then if the heat persists or in maintenance treatment.

This summer, it’s sport! You’ll be frolicking like a kid!

Skeen Patch works in synergy with the physical effort to prepare you, increase your performance, your stamina, to avoid sprains or to give a boost after a weakening.

If you are a lover of hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking or sports that will force on your legs, after a long trail or a long walk in summer, you will discover all the benefits of Skeen Patch BodyCorps. No more cramping, swelling due to intense effort, you will bite the mountain with full stride and allow you 30 minutes of recovery at the end of the race under the stars.

Designed to be completely nomad, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is battery operated, extremely compact and lightweight in order to be your companion to all adventures.

Recovery, reduction of aches and relaxing effect warranted.

In case of injury, if you are out of the beaten tracks, far away from any doctor, after performing first aid you can speed up wound healing or sprain with Skeen Patch BodyCorps. You need to place the electrodes around, at a distance of 1 to 2 cm, and not on the wound. The micro-current will activate cell regeneration, tissues repair and the healing will process faster.